The Challenge

How can we start a new store & sales of new products to make a successful store?

‍Selling on Amazon is not easy but we make it easier by following some proven steps. There are few things that are the most challenging parts which need to be guided in a proper way. The 1st one is product research and that is the most challenging part for selling anything online. Product listing, Order fulfillment/ supplier management, Customer support, Return & Refund Handling are the very important subjects. Ads and A to Z claim was another big issue for a store.

The Solution

Organizing and designing a more user-friendly store

We researched profitable products for the Louis Amazon store. Listing team Listed few products carefully and optimized price 247. We started sales in the very first week and maintained Amazon sales velocity. We fulfilled orders carefully daily and provided customer support. We have separate team for handling return, refund & A to Z claim. Our team works 365 days.

The Result

Result is awesome! We made $1000+ USD with 7000 USD Sales. We increased sales every month and touched $100k USD in the 7th Month with 20% Return on Investment.


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    Yes, But for that case, you can take that help via Whatsapp on a text message from the team. But Calling Faisal directly you need to pay first.
    It’s totally up to you. You can hire our company for service or you can hire any other company.
    Yes, we have an automation company as well and doing A to Z services for dropshipping and FBA Knowledge Business Consulting Amazon Automation Walmart Automation Shopify
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